Cosmetics Companies: Do they really build trust in their products? Seems not.

By | May 21, 2010

Do you need night cream? Or suncreams? Or any of a hundred other available cosmetics from a website near you? I visited one website that was selling these products, and I was shocked… Why?

It seems that many marketers are targeting online sales for their products, with comprehensive sites: that are short on depth, aimed to drive traffic to sales pages, and are anything but objective. Worse still, many of the sites have grandiose claims, unverifiable facts, and no contact information at all. Even the Whois data is protected.

Talk about building customer trust. Mmm. I wouldn’t put that stuff anywhere near my face. There are no disclosures, no ingredients lists, no contraindications…. So I compared that to a popular cosmetic product from Christian Dior. And I found the same lack of information on there, too.

What is with these cosmetic companies? Aren’t they obliged to disclose ingredients? At least, purchasing from Macy’s, I know the number to call and complain if there’s a problem. Not sure about that other site.