The Guide to Pies in Taiwan

By | September 1, 2023
Photo by FitNish Media on Unsplash

Putting the ‘~pie’ in Taipie. LOL!

Taichung friend, Michael Turton, asked where he can find pies in Taichung. Kind of spurred me on to compile the 2023 ultimate savory pie list Taiwan. I hope you find it useful.

These pies are typically savory pies. There are a variety of other vendors selling ‘sweet’ pies, you may wish to do your own research on those ‘pretenders’! One thing to note: all of these pies are handmade in Taiwan, you may term them ‘artisanal’ so there is some variation to be expected between batches.

Only the last vendor sells factory pies so I wonder if I should even include them here! I’ll list them in order of how often I’ve bought them.

Churchill’s Sausages, Pies, and more….

Churchills Sausages started by selling varieties of, you guessed it, sausages which you can find in supermarkets all across Taiwan now. The proprietors branched out into making a variety of ‘rare’ products, including pies, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, etc…

These are available through selected Carrefour stores, and are pretty awesome. My preference is for the pork pie in summer (it’s the ONLY pie that doesn’t need baked!).

You can find the shop online here: Here is a sample of their selection, though occasionally they test new flavors like chicken, curry…

I’m not aware of any restaurants that serve them. Unlike the following Pie Artist.

Walker’s Pies, Tamsui

John Groot first alerted me to Walker’s Pies in Tamsui. Aptly named Pies are Good for You. Their marketing efforts center around bulk sales, so minimum order 10 pies.

However, you can find them at three locations in Taipei: the Balcony (Tamsui), Vinyl Decision (Huashan Creative Park), and Willie’s Deli (Tienmu). I believe there are a few more places now ordering them as well. Keep uptodate on their FB page!

I am going to try to find some with beer at the Balcony with one of his pies. Perhaps see you there!

Costco Four’n’Twenty Beef Pies

Costco Pies technically doesn’t make savory pies. However, they do stock Four’n’Twenty Beef pies in quite a few stores in the freezer section or online. They’re pretty decent for the price, but actually quite small in size at about 150g each. Nor are they hand made by local Pie-Artisans! So there’s that.

Four’n Twenty 冷凍澳洲安格斯牛肉派 150公克 X 6å…¥ | Costco 好市多

Pie Mentions

There are a few other artisanal pie makers, including

I haven’t tried these yet. Will update again as more pies become available!