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Ah, My Kilogram Story by Year!

Recorded Year Weight Record 2000 91.0 2001 83.5 2004 91.5 2008 103.3 2019 104.2 2020 105.6 2021 104.4 2022 91.5 2023 91.9 2024 87.3 Weight recorded… OMG! I wish I wasn’t so fat! It has taken 5 years and I’m 87.5kgs. Still 3.3kgs to go! LOL! But, perhaps if I exercise a little crazily over the next few… Read More »

New Year Breakfast!

Rye bread, ricotta, tomato and a sprig of dill (which Christine found in the local market) plus a dash of olive oil, mixed herbs & pepper. We folded it over and made a sandwich because it was too difficult to eat open style. Rye bread tastes great but it has very little structure compared to bread so it… Read More »

Another chinese new year

Another chinese new year is here, and I don't know what I amm going to do.  I can't think of  the next few days, perhaps they will be boring, perhaps not. I don't know what to expect.  It seems that I am constantly reminded of how quickly time goes by these days.  It seems that my twenties lasted… Read More »