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Kinmen Island: From China to Taiwan

You can actually feel the story as told by S. Leo Chiang. There are fewer stereotypes, more reportage. There is propaganda, but it’s nuanced. We meet the typical tropes, too, but they’re put firmly in context. Overall, quite enjoyable/informative. I suspect his doubts about the future stem more from his own personal life than anything. The imagery is… Read More »

Supermarket Watch: Taiwan

LOL! Well… in our area, we have two supermarkets but neither of them is good enough to get everything. Combined they don’t even make one decent supermarket. There are times when I go in to buy stuff and leave with nothing because they didn’t stock any more, or they’ve done a promo and it’s sold out, or the… Read More »

Favorite Bakers in Taiwan

There are three bakers that I love in Taiwan. It’s just a pity I can’t eat more bread right now. Alain lives up the coast near the North. His products are all handmade to his own exacting standards. I particularly love his sourdough bread, hummus and pate. I’ve also bought quite a few other products. A lot depends… Read More »

The Guide to Pies in Taiwan

Photo by FitNish Media on Unsplash Putting the ‘~pie’ in Taipie. LOL! Taichung friend, Michael Turton, asked where he can find pies in Taichung. Kind of spurred me on to compile the 2023 ultimate savory pie list Taiwan. I hope you find it useful. These pies are typically savory pies. There are a variety of other vendors selling… Read More »