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Epidemiology needs to check their facts

http://womenosophy.com/worlds-most-peaceful-countries/8 T he country managed to avoid conflicts even during the Second World War .  The country is Japan. And it was involved in a war continuously for more than 10 years Before and During the 2nd World War. Its soldiers invaded many Asian nations during the 2nd World War. And it only surrendered after 2 nuclear bombs… Read More »

Cosmetics Companies: Do they really build trust in their products? Seems not.

Do you need night cream? Or suncreams? Or any of a hundred other available cosmetics from a website near you? I visited one website that was selling these products, and I was shocked… Why? It seems that many marketers are targeting online sales for their products, with comprehensive sites: that are short on depth, aimed to drive traffic… Read More »

Hazing in the Military – Don’t soldiers care for their Comrades-in-Arms

I recently came across the story in the summer published in the Daily Telegraph in the UK which describes a hazing incident in the army that resulted in a poor soldier literally boiling himself to death. He suffered, not hypothermia, but hyperthermia in which his body temperature soars above the regular range. I wrote a brief reply after… Read More »

Problem Parents: Send them on their way!

[quote=”Bassman”]This parent was saying how their kid couldn’t write and translate complete sentences from a grammar book and how kids should learn to write before they can speak. After the parent left everyone commented on the stupidity of the statement. [/quote] I’d give them the name card of their nearest cram school, and direct them out of the… Read More »