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It’s a chilly day!

In parts of Taiwan it’s like 10C or less and the RealFeel is lower. How are you keeping warm? Here are my secrets so far this winter: Wife says don’t wear too much or you’ll feel cold outside (which makes no sense to me)… if you’re cold, you’re cold. Don’t matter if you’re inside or outside. Of course,

9kg in 90 days: Day 8 (2 down: 7 to go)

Today’s quite a day. Walked along the waterfront as far as Monini’ restaurant in Tamsui. In the evening, a Youbike trip to Hungshulin and back. So feeling much stronger. Still my stamina disappears quickly and needs me to sit down for 30 minutes before it shows its head again! Today’s weight moved below 87kgs. The steps increased to… Read More »

9kg in 90 days: Day 4

Well, it’s day 4. And I haven’t got better yet. The meds are working but I still felt like death warmed up in the morning. Did I achieve ANYTHING today? Well, seriously. I don’t know. Weight-wise. I think the scales tempted with a number like 87.5kgs. But my eyes were blurry so we’ll see. I did however manage… Read More »