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Weight Loss Failure?

So has it been a failure? Let’s take a look. On the face of it, 1.3kgs averaged weight loss over 7 days doesn’t look impressive, does it? Add to that the fact that my calories burned are 9.3% less, while my move time is 27% less than in March~May. Well, here is some good news: I’m much fitter… Read More »

Lies, Damned Lies & Calories

I keep obsessing about data. Turns out I’ve not been wrong. Data is key. But making the right decision turn the data into the right action. In short, losing weight slowly is the trend this time around. But once I analyzed the data, I realized I was consuming too many calories and not burning enough. Who knew? What… Read More »

All the Nines: Losing weight or not?

So it’s been a battle to figure out why I’m not losing weight as fast as before. In fairness, I put on a couple in August/September. And I’m back to an average of about 88kgs. So today I looked at the period I lost 5kgs and compared it to what I’ve been doing recently. Result: It’s simple. I’m… Read More »