I seem to have dropped a kg recently

By | November 25, 2023

If you find it, you can keep it. The last 85 days have been tricky. But I recently hit something of a stride. I’m not sure how long it will keep up. But hey, make hay while the sun shines! That’s been the philosophy: the weather has been very cooperative.

I had hoped to get to 83.5kgs by my birthday. But it looks like that won’t happen. Christmas is a possibility, Lunar New Year is a bet! We’ll see. But after jumping from 87.5kgs to 89kgs … reaching 83.5kgs is a definite way goal.

Top minutes of activity per day. Bottom weight per day.

The struggle has been to get the balance right between calories consumed, type of calories, calories burned and successful weight loss. I still don’t know exactly the balance: it seems to exist around 2200 calories burned a day or more, while going light on lunch and generally avoiding too many carbs.

I’ve finally decided to stop counting steps, since that really isn’t a productive number. The app (Google Fit) will continue of course to count steps. But I’ve decided to focus on calories burned and active time as more conducive to accurate recording, or at least as accurate as Google Fit can be (which is bearably inaccurate).

That’s the formula, right now. Let’s see how far it can take me. Next stop 85kgs!