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Drop the word ‘they’ in your YT!

It’s amazing how adding the word ‘they’ turns a socially awkward Youtuber into an outraged, attention demanding twat trying to become an influencer! Who are ‘they’? Why do you want to emotionally manipulate your audience like that? Or are you just attention seeking? That last question is rhetorical because I already know the answer. Moving on now!

WTF are they talking about?

Apparently, I have a deceased relative estate. Whatever that is? It’s a relative estate that is deceased. Perish the thought I’d have a relative estate that is ‘alive’. Would it then be absolute estate? Too lazy to get a real job, too lazy to even make decent English! Apparently even banks can be deceased! WTF! Idiot spammer.

Well, do they?

A certain reputable website claims they do. I honestly have NEVER heard of people doing that in Taiwan, and Taiwanese DO fly a lot of kites. So I’m curious: Asia’s a big place… so it’s not impossible.