Obblogatory Reading dot com is a blog about the ‘finer’, ‘funnier’ and ‘finicky’ things in life. Originally founded in 2004, it was re-organized in August of 2006. And this domain was registered in 2007. With our improving traffic, SEO, and more frequent posting, we’re recently revised our Advertising Page here with some useful stats. I

In Brief: Obblogatory is PR varies between 0 ~ 2* ( in 2012). Alexa is hovering around 7000K. Traffic largely derives from North America (approx. 60%), Europe (approx. 10%), and the rest of the world accounts for the rest, according to recent statistics.

*Please do your own research before advertising here on the stats, Alexa & PR are updated dynamically and way more frequently than I actually edit this page!

For advertisers interested in the leisure, retail and travel markets, Obblogatory offers a number of good ways to advertise currently.

Banners: One size.

There is one set of banners currently available on Obblogatory dot com.

Sidebar Banners: You can buy a small 125×125 block on the right of the blog for 30 days. If you subscribe to this as a regular payment, I can guarantee the price will NEVER increase no matter how famous the blog becomes! How’s that for a great new year deal! For more information about what’s available and pricing, contact me.

Get a Review: Buzz, Opinions or Full Reviews.

If you are interested in a review, I enjoy writing these very much. There are reviews on all sorts of products and services on this blog, including loans, credit cards sites, plugings, websites, etc. The current pricing is based on the following:

Typical lengths could be 50, 100 or 200 words or more. Typical types of posting might include a buzz (shorter), opinion (100 or 200 words) or a review (200 words or 300 words).

Each 50 word unit would be $10.00. Hence, 50 words $10.00; 100 words $20.00 and so on. There are no limits on the the number of links, and I’ll include jpegs and screenshots (without limit).

I would need to know the URL before I agree to do any posting, and payment would be upfront, via Paypal. Please take a look through my blog before you order and mention aspects of any posting that you might like to include in the posting I’m writing for you.

Other advertising options

If you have any special requirements that do not fit the current options, contact me by completing the form below:


I’ll reply within 24-48 hours.