Tamsui Battle of 1884 – LR Screenshot

Apparently… so why can’t I see?

These might be good with salt caramel ice cream!

Artist In Residence: Watercolor

On Yer Bike!

PC in a box

青青精品屋 – LOL! 

Restart Required: 2 words that I hate

It’s Shoe Time!

From writing class! Well done!

Hongshulin MRT to Zhishan MRT by Youbike! Slower, more expensive, but more fun!

Isn’t it a little warm right now? Taipei 32C Today!

Chocolate: I might need some…!

How many calories …

Did Jupiter create a missile crisis before?

Niksen Photography should not exist!

Madou’s Happening Place

Companies do the bizarrest things!

Mystics Need Facebook Advertising, too

Through Glass Behind Glass Exhibition