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Biz Problems: How to get paid

It’s one of the learning experiences we all have when we start out in business. How to get clients to pay for services! Amongst this group, I’m pretty sure we’ve all had similar problems. Here is how I see it: The best relationships in business are based on trust. But there are too many people out there who… Read More »

So should you get the Covid 4th (2nd booster) shot? Well, … I believe so ASAP

I’m urging friends to get the Covid 4th (AKA 2nd booster) shot ASAP. Today’s jump in numbers, our own experience of COVID, and the likelihood of an increase to 60K a day in the short term. You may want to consider doing this now. Read more here: https://focustaiwan.tw/society/202208240019 “Speaking at a news conference in Taipei, CECC head Victor… Read More »