Credit Cards: Dear Banks, It’s time to change your practices…

By | May 21, 2010

Whether you need credit cards for bad credit or even just a decent credit card rate, the good news is: things are changing.

With the passage of the new Finance Bill in the States, American consumers will find that some types of cash or credit transactions may bring additional benefits to customers.

I’m mindful that many people are trying to get back to cash as a primary means of shopping. With too many problems involving credit card abuse, fraud, predatory lending by banks, it seems that credit cards are experiencing something akin to their own “change of terms” by the government!

One doesn’t feel much sympathy for the banks at this point. The reality is that the multiple fees charged by credit card companies for small businesses really only add to the costs of the business and the related prices charged by the businesses for their products and services. There isn’t a free lunch here.