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Twin Diets: Meat vs. Vegan? And the winner is…

One identical twin went vegan while the other didn’t. See what happened | CNN It’s interesting in what this study claims: but does it offer real benefits over omnivorous eating? The studied parameters suggest benefits; but the secondary parameters suggest that these may be incidental to almost any dieting program involving food selection, limitations and weight loss. Make… Read More »

“Heavy Motorcycles on the National Superhighways!” Are you kidding?

Do you support or reject this policy? In a nutshell: “The institute found that heavy motorcycle riders lacked an awareness of safe following distances to the vehicles in front of them and safe separation distance when trying to overtake other vehicles, the ministry said.” The article further cites a large percentage of poll respondents (60%) are against this.… Read More »

Should I?

Our reputable insurance company is asking us to email our credit card information via a scan (card no#, signed name & card date with address) to pay the regular bill (we did have this policy in previous years so it’s not a scam). Photo by Emil Kalibradov on Unsplash Is this a sensible thing to do or not these days? The… Read More »