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SOOC? Really? Come on!

SOOC images should be posted on the day of the shoot because they’re good enough to post and there isn’t much that needs to be done. Perhaps time pressure means that images don’t get the attention they need. So I’m not sure what it says when a photographer reposts something that was done months ago. I guess it… Read More »

How much does a smoke REALLY cost?

Of course, if you’d read my previous post, you’d realize that no matter what kind of of healthcare system it has, society still has to pay for people who make the wrong choices in life: illegal drinking, driving accidents, smoking, drugs, … whatever nonsense people decide. That even includes the cigarette smokers, the cigar smokers, the pipe smokers…… Read More »

Cosmetics Companies: Do they really build trust in their products? Seems not.

Do you need night cream? Or suncreams? Or any of a hundred other available cosmetics from a website near you? I visited one website that was selling these products, and I was shocked… Why? It seems that many marketers are targeting online sales for their products, with comprehensive sites: that are short on depth, aimed to drive traffic… Read More »