I’m addicted to several food groups: coffee and chocolate are the worst of my food addictions, but I’m also addicted to other things as well.

Ice cream is a truly creamy food with a texture that I love. Though it’s difficult to get really creamy ice cream in Taiwan, I seek it out whenever I can. I particularly adore the plainer flavors, like vanilla or strawberry. My favorite brands are Haagen Dazs and Gelatos. But I can’t bear Coldstone: it’s got a texture and flavor that is not natural.

So I prefer the simpler, more ‘natural’, styles of ice cream, chocolate, and coffee. Why? Because they evoke a mood of appreciation. Foods that add a lot of less ‘natural’ chemicals and additives don’t really interest me that much, … but give me simpler foods, (not less tasty ones), and I’m in heaven.

Of course, many of these food substances also aren’t good for your body, and I wonder if, as I was told, that coffee and chocolate are also bad for your complexion. I hope not, …