Just too many cards in my wallet!

By | February 23, 2008

I have long had a more traditional wallet which you can see in the image below.


I realized that I have to carry so many forms of ID: ID cards, driving licenses, credit cards, vehicle registration cards, ATM cards, membership cards (Costco), library cards, and so on. Of course, I have a Taiwan health insurance card.

Perhaps that is the neatest card, because it uses a smart card function to store basic data on it. The chip stores some data on it, but doesn’t actually function as a medical id. More’s the pity that the opportunity was missed to include the basic medical information, though, such as blood-type, rare diseases, diagnoses, and so on.

But with so many cards, and a recent disaster… I’ll be detailing that shortly … I decided to make a change to the type and size of wallet that I carry… stay tuned.