Plants, posters, paint and pictures: the four ‘p’s of making your office comfortable

By | February 24, 2008

There are lots of good ways to decorate your office space. We’ve found that we use a lot of ways to make our office space just that little bit more pleasant. Our office space is a little limited, but we try to create as much space as we can so that it doesn’t feel as crowded as it should be.

We managed to use some paints that help to soften the otherwise cold interior walls; softer lighting helps a lot, too, as we mix our flourescent bulbs (the new electric twists) white and yellow lamps, together with more traditional spot lights. Some plants adorn the edges of the office, and we try to play music as well.

On the walls, we put a lot of pictures up: students’ work, regular pictures, and that’s been it. Now, though we’re looking at adding some photographs from some of my own calendars, perhaps some rare movie posters of famous stars like Cary Grant (my own personal hero), and whatever else that can brighten the walls.

When you spend 7-8 hours a day at work, it’s important that you make the atmosphere comfortable and pleasant. Otherwise you’ll resent being there.