Taking a trip to the South of Taiwan is always fun. A couple of summers ago, though, a group from my wife’s family decided to visit Kenting in the south. We were lucky enough to rent a large condo located inside one of the big hotels there. There were a ton of great facilities in the hotel, including Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi, exercise rooms, and play areas.

My only regret staying in the hotels in the south and center of Taiwan is that it’s often difficult to get a decent cup of coffee. So, I’m interested in staying in any hotels or condos that serve decent coffee… I wonder if Branson condos do. I didn’t find any mention of coffee machines in their fully equipped kitchens. I guess I gotta go stay there to find out.

When we went to Taichung recently, I ended up packing my favorite tea and coffee in my luggage. It did help me feel much more at home.