Is it me or is the whole icloud just a disaster? I tried to install icloud panel on my PC… and was greeted by the statement … only works with Office 2007 Outlook? ! WTF! The only thing I could do was save my IE bookmarks to it! I don’t even use IE on my PC

And not working on XP? Well, even iTunes runs on my XP pcs fine. But icloud doesn’t. Is it because they know how BAD the software seems to be!?

I really have no way to compare, but even iTunes seems to be a f**kludge of crap. And saying all that! I still love my IPAD! But Apple doesn’t understand PCs or at least their philosophy is tangential to the world of PCs.

Is there anyone at Apple who understands how people use PCs? That they are NOT defined by ONE choice, and that even PCs mostly ‘just work’? They have taken a diametrically different approach to stuff and made some things as easy as ABC, but other things twice as difficult.

It’s ironic isn’t it… that the company that makes so many things possible still requires you to go through an intermediate step to import your bookmarks from other browsers to Safari.

I think that the mindset at Apple is that: there’s only one way (our way) to do stuff, and it always works (except when it doesn’t). And that’s quite a lot!

I always have the feeling using Apple software on the PC that there is a reluctance to make the software run well on a PC because they want people to use it on a MAC, so a lot of stuff is hobbled, poorly tested, runs slowly, is inefficient, and bloated.