‘path less chosen’

By | October 16, 2011

It seems to me that Google is going to continue tweaking the wretched algos for the foreseeable future. We have a difficult situation on our hands: we’ve all developed sites where Adsense is responsible for a lot of the income, and yet Google is responsible for a lot of the traffic. Proportions may vary, but 70% for both of these numbers seems a useful guesstimate.

Clearly there are several issues that we need to deal with:

Changing your corporate boss for the boss of Google is not a smart decision when Google is the primary source of your traffic or income. Because as we are all coming a cropper right now, when we get Google smacked.

If you plan to make Google Adsense/Google Traffic your model for economic liberation (and building a business), then the foundations of your business are shaky, to say the least: you have one customer – Google.

To provide yourself with economic/financial security, you need to diversify your income sources, so that you have other ways to survive, live and thrive!

Your website can be a good business, even a full-time business, if you do the right things to build your traffic and your income. And you don’t have to rely on Google for either traffic or income, but it’s the ‘path less chosen’.