Wrinkles: Formerly a sign of wisdom, banished by cosmetics.

By | August 14, 2009

I’ve got wrinkles under my eyes. Perhaps it’s from scrunching my eyes in hot Penghu sun, or from blinking in the searing heat of Hualien’s mid-afternoon, or from squeezing them to keep the rain out of my eyes last weekend. Whatever the reason, it has given me lots of wrinkles … what is an unfashionable, haggard, lazy guy to do? Apparently, not much, if your British.

But if you’re Japanese, these days you should be elbowing the hundreds of women aside as you shop in the first floor of the departments stores, trying the latest wrinkle-free creams, skin whiteners, etc. It’s a real trend in Japan and Korea these days. So a guy shopping for a little eye wrinkle cream would be nothing unusual.