Letter to PizzaHut Taiwan

By | August 13, 2009

I had used PizzaHut Taiwan to order pizza once before. I used Firefox and had only a couple of problems, but last time I went, I was encouraged to use IE. This really doesn’t make any sense at all. So I wrote this to them.I hope they’ll answer…

Yesterday I went to your website in my browser to checkout the pizzas on offer. I have no problem with Chinese sites, but yours would not let me view the site without downloading a Firefox Extension?

Why on earth is your website only usable in IE? I agree that in Taiwan IE is the most popular browser… but what about those customers who use Macs or Linux to access the web? They are often more knowledgeable about the Internet, and more willing to spend money online.

What about those who use PDAs, mobile phones, netbooks, Firefox, Opera, any of a number of modern browsers on any of a number of devices? My sites ALL work with any browser, and I’m just one person.

Of course, the bigger question: why does PizzaHUT Taiwan only accept IE as a browser, when PizzaHUT USA has no problem with Firefox or other browsers?

I urge Pizzahut Taiwan to design a website for the 21st century, not for the late 90’s.

Best Wishes