After all, if diamonds are so sought after, shouldn’t we men also desire them as fashion accessories. Why not? We certainly can’t wear them as rings, it would look too fake; nor are bracelets an option. Necklaces are too feminine.

So how can a man wear a diamond while maintaining a degree of he-man macho self-confidence? I have three suggestions then: first, choose a big diamond, such as an Asscher cut diamond. Keep the size bigger than a woman’s, by choosing a higher carat or weight. Second, instead of choosing a diamond that has a high degree of purity, don’t be afraid to choose one that has a little color. Third, when you are choosing the setting, you can use a man’s emerald cut ring setting in platinum.

But for effect, carrying around a bag of loose diamonds in your pocket will certainly get any girl’s heart rushing. If you can’t afford that, choose the ring design I selected. Oh, and since most people are amateurs, they won’t necessarily know that the ring isn’t as expensive as it might look!