Tried KVM box: Not thrilled

By | March 26, 2010

I never knew what KVM switches were, though I had always wondered. Finally, just before my monitor died, I tried one out. I went to the store and bought a simple USB KVM switch and tried to plugin both my netbook and PC on one monitor.

The results were less than spectacular because I have a good video card on this machine so using a KVM box just meant that the picture quality was downgraded: the KVM box translates the signal to a lower and (in my case) darker resolution.

I didn’t like it that much, but using the box with only a keyboard and mouse remains very viable as switching between pcs was straightforward. Of course, you’ll still need two monitors but having only one keyboard and mouse to operate really simplifies the process!

Of course, discovering that my PC had two video-outs really has improved my blogging experience. Now I just need a MUCH bigger desk!