Took too long, but it’s worth it.

By | March 5, 2010

P1040500During the winter vacation, we cleaned our school from top to bottom, then we painted it thoroughly. Some of what frustrated us, though, was that we didn’t know where to buy industrial equipment that would help us do the job more thoroughly and in less time.

Too often we were relying on tools and equipment that was designed for consumers, in other words, they were made too small, didn’t last long, weren’t well made, didn’t do a good job. An example: we needed to clean the floor, but we couldn’t find decent scrubbers or cleaners, so we had to resort to a traditional deck scrubber or hand scouring pad. Took me ages to do one classroom, and we had three other rooms waiting to be done. Inefficient.

However, once we were done, we were very happy with the results.