Movie Reviews: Up in the Air

By | March 6, 2010

Well, … this is a first. I went to the new Taipei Bus Station Mall, which is a great place to have dinner, get a coffee, buy some decent shoes, and… watch a movie! And even the bus station isn’t half bad, either!

We went to see the new movie: Up in the Air with George Clooney, and Anna Kendrick. I don’t really do reviews as such, but I do think this was a decent movie and it has won a few ‘awards’. Unlike most Hollywood movies, this one was original in its plot and in its ending. Overall the movie was an excellent story, but there was a little something lacking in the emotional content. One review cites "disconnection and economic instability" as two of the themes.

Well, I’d have to say that the disconnection from the viewer was patently obvious as we sat back and watched the two love interests sharing their frequent flyer cards and stories! There was, in other words, no real dramatic tension between the life of Ryan Bingham and his dream. Suffice to say, I felt Clooney’s portrayal of this character was a little 2D!

However, in watching the movie, I did admire his efficiency and the ‘girding for battle’ scenes we witnessed, esp. with his packing! That efficiency was amazing, if a little unbelievable. Still, I did wonder if he was using Jack Georges luggage to speed him through airports, baggage counters, and hotel check-ins! This point is one my wife sadly doesn’t agree with. But then which wife would.

Worth seeing, perhaps yes. Worth an Oscar. Well, perhaps not.