Taiwan: It’s got a different culture!

By | December 9, 2009

It’s true: Taiwanese don’t really like the beach. How do I know this? Because beachside property is one of the few areas on the island where the locals DON’T bid up the price to exotic levels as you’d find in places like Malibu.


In fact, there are places with village communities that are dotted all around the island, but Taiwanese really prefer to live away from the beachside. I’m not quite sure why this is, but there is a healthy reverence for the power of the sea that is highlighted in several religions on the island.

So, it’s difficult if you want to find a place to live beside the beach. There is nothing equivalent to Myrtle Beach vacation rentals anywhere we’ve visited. It’s difficult to find any decent beachside property, with one exception. You have to build it by yourself.

There are a couple of places that do have a nascent beach culture, but you will never find anything akin to a luxury beachside development here on the island, that’s despite the mild climate. So, for foreigners, if you want to live beside the beach, you have to build it yourself.