Rank Disorder: Doesn’t something smell fishy with Google these days?

By | January 28, 2013

Doesn’t anyone else see the irony in this? Here’s a hardworking lady with a good site considering giving up the entire site… just because Google decided to clean up its search engine; and by doing so, laying waste her online business, and that of dozens of other SBI entrepreneurs as well.

It’s ironic because (and sadly so), there are so many stories of good owners running popular sites supplying information and resources people need & like being laid waste because Google can’t figure out that it needs them or not. I’m wondering just how many real online businesses have stopped developing now.

I guess that when you attack the eco-system that you feed off, then it’s only a matter of time before you starve yourself. Anyone seen Google’s recent results: lowered CPC, lowered CTR rates, much poorer results… and Google doesn’t seem to notice!

As a word of encouragement: Get your own business that’s immune to Google whether it’s online or offline, and let Google figure things out by itself… they’ll catch up with you eventually… And, if you can, stop them earning money from your site (via Adsense) at the same time they are using those profits to de-rank your sites.

If I may draw a parallel, you may buy gas from a particular gasoline station, but how much longer will you buy it if it causes your engine to become more & more erratic?