Proposal for an investment club: Backdated by one year!

By | March 21, 2006

[quote=”Loretta”]Start 1st of March 2005.

Amount US$10,000 – let’s keep this at a level that is feasible for the average forumosan.

Your virtual portfolio must be managed through an online trading service, or services, that will factor in transaction costs. Picking the best site(s) to work through is part of the challenge.

Invest in any freely tradeable shares, stocks, commodities, bonds, currencies etc. worldwide. ie anything that can be bought/sold on a recognised exchange through your broker.

Portfolios will be valued in US$s but may be invested anywhere and in any currency.

For simplicity, let’s keep tax out of this. I know it’s an important issue, but it would be complicated by nationality, residence, domicile, etc.

Post your brokers, trades, reasons, and net worth here whenever anything happens.

Duration? Suggestions? Six months?

Prize pool: Non-obligatory pledges of NT$1000 per participant. 50% of prize money goes to the winner, 25% to second place, 15% to third, 10% to nominated good cause.

I’m just going to watch, because I don’t know anything about investing. Let’s try and make this educational for the lurkers.


Thanks for the feedback…

Okay. My intention was not a competition, but a kind of virtual investment club, for people to share ideas on stocks, and together we pick a stock or group of stocks, etc. to create a portfolio together….


A competition is a great idea, but we wouldn’t be able to make our pf’s available to anyone else for viewing, checking, boasting… Yahoo! Doesn’t have that feature… I don’t know any system that does.

Let’s see what others say..