We’re lucky where we live, nowadays we’re watching a lot of international channels, courtesy of MODTV from CHT. Though the offerings are not as many as DishHD, I do appreciate being able to watch CNBC which was off the air in Taiwan for several years.

So tonight, we’re watching a CNBC special on Cruising on the Oceans, what a nice way to relax without worrying about passports, exchanging money, and all the other problems of travel!

You wouldn’t even worry about things like the Louisiana Jones Act unless your ship sank! Of course, it wouldn’t! But it’s nice to know the people working on the ship can claim compensation if they are injured and can’t work any more.

I’m tempted to buy a cruise, but I can’t help feeling that I’m not particularly interested in most onboard activities that I saw on the video: gambling, lazing on the deck, bowling or bingo! I’d have to find some other reason to go!

Still, a Hawaii Cruise is a good choice, because you can really appreciate the different islands: you’d not get much chance to visit so many islands on a normal trip!