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Expat Life: Expat Decisions

Hoping others in the forums have some suggestions. I have been an expat for more than 20 years… Been a blast… In my own way. However, I’m now considering my options… to buy a place for my mom to reside for the remaining years of her life (likely 10+ as she’s already hit her 80’s). She’s confessed to… Read More »

Inspiration in Flowers: Inspiration in Life

One writer wrote of her inspiration for arranging flowers, when asked: "My mother is the queen of floral arrangements. She was and is known for her diverse and unique floral arrangements. She has provided floral arrangements for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers, anniversaries, and just about any occasion you can think of. She loves to create… Read More »

Life in a can?

CNN is running a report on living in a giant tin can, oops! I mean a grain silo… Soup can-shaped homes could be cropping up on a street near you very soon. Addressing affordable housing shortages across America, Philadelphia-based architects Aleksandr Mergold and Jason Austin, of firm Austin + Mergold, have come up with the innovative idea of… Read More »

AN Whitehead: Process Thought’s Challenge for Education and Life

Process Thought's Challenge for Education and Life Change, progress, and stability, who does not support this unlikely triumvirate? The founder of process philosophy Alfred North Whitehead believes in all three. For him, the art of progress is to preserve order amid change, and to preserve change amid order. Whitehead's work, The Aims of Education, starts with its recipients.… Read More »

Life on the Ocean Waves

We’re lucky where we live, nowadays we’re watching a lot of international channels, courtesy of MODTV from CHT. Though the offerings are not as many as DishHD, I do appreciate being able to watch CNBC which was off the air in Taiwan for several years. So tonight, we’re watching a CNBC special on Cruising on the Oceans, what… Read More »