KODAK Easy Share X360

By | August 24, 2005

I finally bought a brand new digicam. It was quite a good deal from a local supplier, TsannKuen in Taiwan. It is the

Things that are good about it:
I got a free 512MB memory card, plus battery.
It included Kodak EasyShare Software.
We both have found it very easy and enjoyable to use with its multi-picture taking modes and one video mode. The software is also quite intuitive and the memory card is generous. We were able to take over 400 pictures and movies at 4.4MP.

Things that could be improved:
We never got a camera bag with it. Weird omission.
The flash mode is entirely automatic, resulting in inappropriate flashing, like in museums.
It sucks up batteries readily!

Overall, I was very pleased with this model, I did not encounter some of the problems mentioned by the people in Amazon reviews: but then I am no expert in picture taking, since this is only the second digicam I have ever had. It certainly is an improvement over the first one I bought. You can see some of the photos I took with it in the Photos Section.