KMT and democracy

By | July 25, 2006

I believe that the democracy is the enemy of the KMT. Remember that they came in when there was no democracy. When the democracy was started and evolved they lost the presidency. They have not had the presidency since it was given up and there were free elections.

Who is this guy? It was the KMT who allowed democracy to flourish. It was the KMT who started the process on Taiwan so many years ago. Yes, it is true. They lost the presidency. Twice.

But I think the author is suffering from selective memory. In the first case, in 2000, KMT lost because they foolishly shot themselves in the foot with a split ticket. Of course, DPP romped home. But the DPP didn't have a majority of the vote, by any means.

In 2004, the election was very very very close, less than 1/10%. Still a big victory by DPP standards, but hardly decisive. In fact, the DPP then never gained the Legislative Yuan.

By my recollection, losing two elections is hardly the end of the KMT, or the end of democracy. It is quite common to be out of power in such a period. Look at Clinton and Bush (both 8 years each as president). Look at Thatcher, Major and Blair. But rotation will take place, and the pendulum will swing back in KMT's favor.

While I do not particularly like the KMT, after seeing the mess that the DPP has managed over 8 years, I cannot see them doing WORSE at this precise time.

I would like to take a look at what has been said more, but … later.

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