How do you handle phone scams and telemarketers?

By | September 9, 2011

All calls can be managed ….

If it’s a unidentified number, I never answer. Too many spam or crank calls. If it’s important they can leave a message. It NEVER Is, tho’!

If it’s an identified number, then is it in my phone book? If not, I may or may not answer it depending on whether I might recognize the number, how I’m feeling, the weather outside… If I don’t, they can leave a message. Almost never get one.

If it’s in my phone book, I know the number, I may actually answer it….

But …

My phone is always set to silent ring/no vibrate, I purchased a call manager program (which rejects #1 type calls automatically), routes #2 to a general mailbox, and routes #3 to specific mailboxes.

The only trouble is I sometimes forget to turn on the program!

The only other trouble is I rarely get phone calls these days! Wonder why?!

I like my silent phone… When it rings, I wonder who on earth is disturbing me! I’m an odd guy, I reckon!