How Do You Buy an Asus Eee PC Netbook? #1 Battery Life Considerations

By | August 13, 2009

So you want to buy an Asus Eee PC. There are more than 30 different models that have now been released, but you have had a look at all the great models available and you’ve struggled to make a choice. Battery life: you don’t know if the one you want is appropriate, or if a more expensive model is really worth it. This article aims to help you think a little more constructively about the battery life issue, and while you still will have to make your own decision, I hope that the criteria I outline will help you find the best model.

1. Your situation: where and when?

Where exactly will you be using your Asus Eee PC after you buy it? Will it be within easy reach of a power outlet? Or will you be unpacking it in a variety of different locations, and power sockets may be unavailable? What kind of time period will you be using it for? A couple of hours a day or in excess of five hours? If you suspect that you will be using it a lot more for a lot a lot longer, you can choose to either buy an additional battery if you are buying an older model Asus Eee PC, you’ll be getting a more traditional Li-ion battery which gives out power for approx. 2.5 to 5 hours, or choose a newer model with a 6-Cell 48Wh Li-ion Battery or Li-polymer battery which should help you get more time.

2. Your price: how much and why?

If you’re on a limited budget (say: you’re a student, buying a 2nd/3rd PC, a present for a kid,…) then you may want to steer away from the latest models and choose an earlier model. But the oldest models really do have the shortest life span. Buying an extra battery may add an unexpected expense and cut the difference between the model you bought and a more expensive model with longer battery life. In other words, do your homework carefully, and treat any manufacturer battery life times as generally approximate. You may do better (but not likely!)… most likely you will get about 60-75% of the amount because you will not always run your machine on the most optimal settings. So figure carefully.

3. Its size and weight: how much do you want to carry?

This sounds like an odd point, but if you look carefully, you will notice that the Asus Eee PCs with the longer battery life do really weigh more. That’s partly because the machines themselves are getting bigger – 10.1″ vs 7.0″. But the difference may be important to you if you are buying this to put in your kid’s backpack or planning to slip it into a small briefcase or valise. The Eee PC 1000HA sports 7 hours but weights 1.45Kg and that is approximately 50% heavier than the Eee PC 701SD which weighed only 0.92Kg. This also goes for the physical dimension: the newest bigger machines are quite a lot bigger than the original ones.

So, weighing up these factors will help you decide whether you value battery life over price or weight or portability. One aspect that seems to matter less though is the preference of OS. Most people these days do prefer XP over Linux for simple choice of applications. So which Asus Eee PC will you be buying? If you’re not sure… you can visit Buy Asus Eee PC to help you figure and select the right models, find the latest models, and get good deals on whatever model you want to buy.

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