Google: Down the Rabbit Hole

By | October 11, 2012

As you probably guess, my site is all about coffee beans. Because of Panda/Penguin, I was checking keyword density on my pages, esp. ‘coffee’. To my shock and horror, after checking the top 20 sites, I noted that many sites in the top 20 hardly had any keyword density at all for this word, never mind +beans.

Apart from the Wikipedia entry, most (i.e.. 90%) of the other entries had a keyword density of less than 20 instances per Google indexed page. Some had less than 10, a few had NONE!

Would someone care to verify those results for their keyword niche and Google? If so, it could be that excessive instances is the key that Google is using to highlight possible spam sites. I did try NOT to use too many instances… Is this what others are seeing, too?