Competition Winner! Yeah, that’s me!

By | May 29, 2011

Got some good news this week! Apparently, I won a competition! I don’t usually enter, but this time, Craig posted a question on his blog about a photograph! If you’re interested in photography, go there and read on. Anyway, his note said:

Your comment on my Why Is This Photo Bad post came up in the random number generator to win a free eBook from Craft and Vision.

He’s the guy who’s keen on wandering around places and taking lots of interesting photos. Some of the places in Taipei are great warrens of streets and markets, often without notable address plaques so it can be quite hard to figure out where you ended up! Look for the keyword Photowalks, if you want to do one. I would link to Taipei photowalks, but the URL keeps changing!

I’d better go claim my gift! Now, which one would be really useful for shooting coffee beans? That’s what I need to do!