With the end of the world happening today, who wants to write about invitations to baby showers. I mean really. Could anything seem more trivial?

Except that after the last time, I wonder why so many people seem so eager to see the world disappear. I mean really. We have it good here, we do.

There are many MANY problems that humanity as a race and as individuals face, but the only problem created by the failure of idiots like Howard Camping is what to do with the mess after his predictions fail to happen.

Oh, and buying baby shower gifts. Perhaps it’s more important than speculating about the exact time of the end of the world. And why is that?

Because buying gifts for a baby shower suggests people are realistic, aware of their responsibilities, and considerate for their fellow human being.

Are you really shallow enough to believe that chickening out with Howard Camping is the answer to everything? I hope not.