CNN_Really gone to the dogs…

By | June 20, 2006

I don’t usually comment on News Websites, but I haven’t visited for a long time. Today, I thought I would see how things are doing there.

What a shock! The front page has really gone down hill.

It used to be quite prestigious, but now it looks like something out of the Sun Newspaper.

“Killings, murder, death, tragedy, … and some VERY odd choices”…

# U.S. recovers bodies believed to be missing soldiers – OK perhaps a good choice?
# Former Bush administration official found guilty – OK perhaps a good choice?
# Korea scare: U.S. activates missile defense – OK perhaps a good choice?
# U.S. begins massive war games in Pacific – – OK perhaps a good choice?

But all of these stories reflect US concerns and positions in conflict areas around the world. But where is the perspective on this?

# Dan Rather leaving CBS – So, who cares?
# Boy, 6, killed in fall from Ferris wheel – hardly important to the world.
# Judge tosses out rape case because lawyer tardy – sad, but is it important?
# Jilted grandma killed 85-year-old man, cops say – sad, tragic, but is it important?
# Lawyer: Client too old to get fair trial – silly, pointless, why?
# Police set eyes on spies in the skies – what?
# Goldilocks in reverse? Bear eats woman’s oatmeal – stupid, pointless.
# Bruce Willis sues photographer for $1 million – so what?
# PETA ambushes Beyonce, hidden cam records – so what?
# Michael Jackson’s lifestyle due back in court – Yawn…

Really, CNN becomes much more like Fox News with every passing day. Another reason why, (including nearly 13 reasons above) I never visit or watch CNN any more. After the laughable mistakes that they made during 9/21 earthquake here a few years ago, I became quite disillusioned with CNN regarding the accuracy and professionalism that they supposedly possessed.

They didn’t even have a local team here, I wonder if they bothered to keep up with the local media who were quite a few hours ahead in breaking stories, too.

Generally, CNN is sensationalist, scare mongering, ignorant, ill-informed, and frighteningly gullible. More often than not, it is merely an outlet for US government propaganda. Look! How did they treat the Iraq war? Did they question the war? Or did they just trumpet Bush’s war agenda? I couldn’t watch after a while.

If you are interested in world affairs, or want to know more about particular situations, don’t waste your time on CNN. Use Google News or Yahoo! News to find a more reliable source, a more informed opinion, or a bit of intellectually relevant perspective… Leave the emotions at CNN only.

BTW, their business news really sucks big time now, too. That for me was the nail in the coffin… Oh, well. Now I just watch CNBC and BBC and a few others… Goodbye CNN.