Cigars vs cigarettes: culture vs. crassness

By | November 26, 2009
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Given my detestation of cigarettes (cancer-sticks) that every smoker seems to pull out of their pocket, I’m always shocked that people can be so cavalier about such things.

Somehow, though when it comes to cigars, I’m prepared to make an exception because somehow they do smell better than cigarettes, they certainly have a much better pedigree than cigarettes, though they are not as smoker friendly.

I may not smoke Davidoff cigars, but there’s a part of me that really likes the elegant cigar boxes, the paraphernalia that comes with cigar smoking: the humidor, cutters, cases, and even the hygrometer (whatever that is used for).

While I am willing to watch the cigarette manufacturers sued out of existence, cigars do seem to evoke a nostalgia, a tradition, a more thoughtful experience of smoking than can be found in your local seven-eleven.

Saying that, I will tolerate a friend smoking the occasional cigar (against my better judgement)… I will not tolerate anyone pulling out a puff of ciggies and doing the same thing. Go figure.

One thing that doesn’t change: cigars will kill you as surely and as slowly as any tobacco product. I know: I watched our neighbor puff himself to death despite heart problems and doctor’s warnings. So, if you smoke once or twice a year, I’m sure that’s fine. But don’t get a tobacco addiction, otherwise you will pay for it with your life.

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