Calling all entrepreneurs and social innovators in Taiwan

By | March 29, 2011
For all you would-be entrepreneurs and social innovators, all those who have ever dreamed about growing their business, and anyone who wants to pretend for a day and see what it feels like, this is your chance to see how your ideas sound to an audience.
When: Sunday 10 April, 1-3pm
Where: BC Dog Cafe
#48, Alley 346, Guangfu S Rd

(02) 2711 0213

Cost: NT$200, includes soft drink with FREE refills, and cake. Food available.

On Sunday 10 April, at 1pm, a group of 30 people will come together to talk business and have some fun. They may be fantasy businesses, ideas that need to be developed, or real projects that are trying to launch. Everyone present will be free to stand up and speak for five minutes about what they have, what they’ve done, and what they need.

They will talk about what problem they are trying to solve, and what their solution is. They will talk about what resources they need, what skills and qualities they look for in a partner, what problems they need help to overcome. And they will answer questions from the audience….