Busy Blogging: The future of my sites under Google?

By | October 9, 2012

I’ve been busy merging the content from two sites: espresso-and-coffee-makers.com to .com. So eventually, espresso-and-coffee-makers.com will just be redirected 100% to the major coffee site.

The technical problems of managing that site, the lack of a proper branding, poor ad sites, and my decision to focus on one coffee site led to this merger. Currently, there are only 50 pages to be completed. At that point, the ECM site will cease to be.

The third (last) coffee site is currently under testing (since I acquired it)… I haven’t reached a final decision, but with recent poor performance, I think it will be folded into the ‘super’ site, if it can’t reach basic turnover in the next 30 days.

InvestorBlogger has not been enabled in several ad systems. But once the coffee sites have been merged, and revised, this site will be merged with successful stock trading. The content makes sense, IB has strong back links. I only recently placed ad blocks on all the pages of SST, so that is testing. But it will likely be merged by November, anyway.

The other sites are on the back burners. obblogatory.com hasn’t been well trafficked recently, so I’m just leaving as-is. The tesolteachers.com site just doesn’t perform at all, either. The merger has meant that monetizing my sites has taken a back seat. Will look at monetization more thoroughly once the mergers are completed.