Britain’s Lack of Democracy: Are we really that blind?

By | May 11, 2010

Isn’t it time that Britain really adopted democracy? Many Britons are so comfortable with the shackles of feudal power that they fail to see what their country is not: a democracy.

Yes, we vote. But our votes are unrepresented or under-represented, our leaders are indirectly elected, if at all, and our head of state, is decided in the most anachronistic fashion.

But in 2010, our democracy has been totally undermined by the system. Britain will have two leaders, neither of whom was elected by the people: The queen, and the next PM.

David Cameron won’t be PM, neither will Nick Clegg. Now it seems that not even Gordon Brown will be PM. How can it be that a democracy has chosen to have a leader that no one chose, no one voted for, and no public debate was held.

I’m shocked that we just sit there and quietly accept that there is no democratic election of our leaders. And we call ourselves the mother of democracy. Bah Humbug! It’s time to modernize, Britain. Grow up, take responsibility as a nation, and get rid of the strings that tie us to our puppet masters.

Even Taiwan, an island of 23 million elected its legislative body, its president, and boasts an independent media. With only a short record of a dozen years or so of democracy, how can they do better than the mother of democracies? And yet, they do. And we, we sit there lecturing the world on democracy when we can’t even vote for our leaders.

Shame on you, Britain. Shame.