Best Steak in (New) Taipei City

By | October 29, 2011

I’m afraid that any steak for less than $300 is likely just to be terrible! I say that, because I’m blessed by a truly amazing restaurant that is not a stone’s throw from my own place.

The owners (no English but English menu!) make the finest steak that I have ever had in Taipei. Ever. While the price isn’t cheap, it should certainly meet your $1000 a budget, and you’ll have almost enough money for a taxi home! But after you eat the steak there, you will be hard pressed to even look at a piece of meat the same way. I cannot eat cheap steak any more. It tastes too much like cardboard.

But, it’s in Danshui… near the Mackay Hospital, and you just turn up. In fact, it’s right opposite this place: but they are not on Google Maps … because they are so good! They don’t need to be. It’s about the fifth shop down on the right after you turn into the lane!

If you read Chinese even a little, you’ll see the characters for steak. They are open most days, but I think they are closed on Wednesdays! And if you go there, mention my name "Ken LaoShr"! She should remember me! Tell her I sent you!

Home made soup for starter served with a Taiwanese bread -nothing weird; Mixed Fruit Salad with home made dressing; Your steak served with a vegetable or two, nicely presented; and a cup of coffee, too! Soup, salad and coffee are included, but there’s no choice for those, really. No desserts, but after that steak, I can’t see why you’d want one!