10 reasons I like Tamsui – part 2

By | September 16, 2009

I’ve been exploring the reasons I like where we live in Taiwan more than other places. There are still a whole bunch of reasons, and today I’ll add three more!


6. Tamsui is cooler than Taipei in summer and in fall. It doesn’t sound like much but a couple of degrees and a breeze really can make summer seem a little more bearable than elsewhere. Though humidity is still high even here, that difference helps to mellow the heat of summer just a little. Of course, in winter we all freeze and curse because the buildings are so cold.

7. I can see the sky. On Sunday, I went up town to visit some friends. As always when I come back, as soon as I leave the city, turn the corner and see Tamsui, the weight lifts off my shoulders as my sight rises to see the sky! It’s that important.

8. It sounds silly but we really have a good life here: we don’t need to drive to work, so we get home in about 5 minutes (10 if we stop to buy something) and that’s walking slowly. Although we have a car, we only drive once or twice a week. I know that stops us using a lot of gas thus saving carbons and cash.

More in part three!