It’s been a busy but pleasant day, except for one nasty surprise: I weighed myself this morning and got quite a shock. I am now tipping the scales at 103.6 kilos. That’s about 10 more than I expected.

It’s true that I haven’t been dieting of late at all. But it has really focused my mind on the issue: I’m not living a healthy life or an active life at the moment!

So to that end, I have decided on five simple tasks to help me concentrate on reducing my weight.

1. Drink more water: drink 1 liter of water a day.

Good water is essential to digestion and it’s a good replacement for soda, coffee and tea!

2. Cut out the soft drinks and snack food.

This is a pretty good way to start really. But that means finding some food to fill the void.

3. Don’t eat carbs at or after dinner.

Eating carbs late is always a bad idea: the carbs just sit on your tummy most of the night and you don’t really get the chance to get rid of them before sleep (see #4).

4. Eat dinner before 10pm.

An obvious one: but given the fact we can’t eat early it’s difficult to be timely.

5. Walk everyday (no matter how far).

Mmm. It’s been kind of hot. But a little exercise should really help to change things.

Let’s see how things go. I’ll be checking my weight daily for the next few days.