Fender Affinity Strat: Cool or what?

The Fender Affinity Strat is pretty much the whole package… you get everything you need, and in typical Fender-fashion, you can expect high quality. The guitar is sick, and lives up to the Fender name. You may have some issues identifying pickup position, but it’s mainly the amp that’s to blame. You may want to get your own amp, but for the value, it’s hard to complain. It’ll take some… Read More »

WorldSim or World Spin?

Saw the WorldSim offer on the KLM (& other) inflight magazine. Wondered if it was useful. I currently use TESCO Mobile in the UK to keep mobile costs down… but was puzzled by the lack of 3G options (perhaps I didn’t understand the current PTG models). Any opinions on 3G worldwide roaming offers… good or bad?