500MB Tiff files on 8GB of RAM

Banned in less than 8 minutes!

Today’s big news story! Yay!

Dumbest Names #1

Favorite: 臺灣國定古蹟編纂研究小組(National Historic Monuments of Taiwan)

Chunghwa Market (Demolished 1992)

A house in West Linton

Shopee Free Shipping…? More elusive than ever!

Sports Tights or Pantyhose? I don’t care… I wear them both!

Will this be morefine or just fine?

Dhoom! Dhoom!

Typhoon Update 2022

Adventures in Penghu by Jairam Poupart

Weird shit that Facebook gives me!

Hygge Disappointment … so sad! Looking forward to their brunch! :(

Typhoon predictions 2022 from Windy!

UK General Election 2019 – visionary I ain’t!

Freedom Day for Christine!

Thanks, Juno!

Tears for Fear – Rivers of Mercy