Which is the most hygienic way to dry your hands?

By | March 1, 2010

Towels, paper towels or hand dryers? Which would you prefer in your bathroom or in a public restroom?

Towels: They feel great on your hands, warm and soft in winter. But they get dirty, they can get mouldy, and what happens if one person has a skin disease and then shares a public towel! Yuck!

Dryers: If you go to most bathrooms, you’ll often see hand dryers hanging on the wall. But the machines are seldom cleaned, I wonder what bacteria live in the machine in that fetid, humid environment, just waiting to spray themselves on to your hands?

Paper Towels: Bit of a waste, but you could use recycled ones made from consumer waster! At least, you can be sure you aren’t getting lots of bacteria on your hands! Not to mention moulds, viruses, etc.. Mmm. I’d choose paper towels ANY DAY.

Or perhaps you just dry them on your pants. At least, your pants should be cleaner than the public towels, right?